122 by 22

3 Aug

Warning: kinda long post. kinda rambly.

So, as I mentioned in my first post and my about me section, being healthy and in shape is pretty important to me. I played competitive soccer up until college and ran varsity cross country in high school, so fitness is a big part of my identity. Plus, a good run or a kick ass gym class makes me happy.

I also like clothes and pay attention to fashion and style trends a lil bit. I’m CERTAINLY not out to be the next Rachel Zoe, but if I’ve got some $$ to spend, I’m going to Yogurtland then the mall.

When you combine these interests of mine, it’s easy to see why fitting into my jeans is something I’d like to accomplish in the near future.

You see, the past 9 months or so have been a little tough on my waistline. I went through a number of major life changes which I think led me to the dangerous habit of trying to use food to make myself happy. While I could list all of the things that happened that caused a million different changes in my circumstances, I think I’ll just jump to the bottom line: I got stupid. I’m positive this is not what happens to everyone who gains weight, but for me, I just started ignoring everything I knew to be true about food and how it fuels the body.

I just ate. Whenever. Whether I was hungry. Or not.

And I drank. Looots.

Needless to say, I’ve packed on a few extra pounds, and my beloved jeans are a wee bit tight. Even though I’m still within the “healthy” BMI range and I honestly don’t look that different, I’m not comfortable with how I look. And, again, my clothes fit kind of funkay.

SO! my solution: 122 by (age) 22. My 22nd birthday is in a little over 5 months, and by then I’d like to be back to my happy weight (120-125) and back in my jeans.

I will do an official weigh in on the exact 5 month mark (August 14th) and go from there. I’ve never really weighed myself (we don’t own a scale) and have always gone by how my clothes fit, but I think since I’m actually trying to lose weight versus maintain/keep myself in check, having a more tangible goal/measuring system will be helpful.

Since this post is getting a little exhaustive, I’ll explain my plan of action later. For now, I’ll just leave you with some pictures of me at my current weight.

At the 6 Man Vball Tournament in MB. My tank says Team Rage and glows in the dark. What?

In Prague at the Lennon Wall this past March

Roof of the Standard Hotel in LA. Too much fun.

Also to come: a couple new recipes I tried out! Lemon Blueberry Mini Muffins and Anne P‘s Oatmeal Dark Chocolate Granola Bars!

my first

2 Aug

First. Post. Ahhhh!

I feel a little strange starting a blog since I’ve always thought they came off as wildly self important. But, hey… I’m important, right? So, why not?

I’m not totally sure what kind of niche this blog will fit into*, but I think I can summarize it in the following formula:

what I cook and subsequently eat

+ workouts

+ friends and fam

+ getting dressed**

+ random musings = banana breck

And hopefully I’ll pick up a few readers along the way.

*if any
**when it’s something other than norts aka workout clothes




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